Please find all capacities here.

Stage Großer Saal(Main Hall)

width 12m
depth 10m
height 14m

clearance height ca. 6m
main curtain 2-parted red


Usage for the main hall stage

7 counterweight flying systems (bar 1-8, without 3 Ø 60mm
Coincidence factor 50%
Total load per bar 230kg
Max. single load 100kg
The bars 2,4,6, and 8 are occupied by the Stadthalle und can only made available by prior arrangement.

Electrified counterweight flying system Ø 50mm (Zug 3)
Total load 300kg
Max. single load 60kg

Gridiron, points on a double U180 Ironprofile
8x single load 500kg

4x points in MERO roof each 300kg
Or 2x points each 600kg
In total never more than 1.2to

Forestagebar Ø 50mm
Total load 500kg
Max. single load 50kg

Rigging in all other areas only by separate agreement.
All loads must be reported to the Stadthalle in advance.
Here you´ll find a rigging plot for the Großer Saal (Main Hall)


On the stage (stage right):
1 x 3 phases 125 A
7 x 1 phases 16 A


1 x 3 phases 63 A
1 x 3 phases 32 A
1 x 3 phases 16 A
7 x 1 phases 16 A

On the stage (stage left):
1 x 3 phases 63 A
1 x 3 phases 32 A
1 x 3 phases 16 A

1 x 3 phases /N/E 125 A
1 x 3 phases /N/E 63 A
1 x 3 phases /N/E 32 A
1 x 3 phases /N/E 16 A
1 x 3 phases /N/E 200 A Powerlock

Catering (room 301)
1 x 3 phases /N/E 32 A
2 x 3 phases /N/E 16 A

Nightliner parking on the terrace (Approach via Königstraße)
This parking slot is situatid at those coordinates 49.479160, 10.982660

More power connections are availible in the whole venue, please ask for specific information.


Acoustic sonication Großer Saal(Main Hall)
Center Cluster consisting of 1xd&b Vi-SUB & 2xd&b Vi7P (centered obove the stage)
Nearfield coverage consisting of 3xd&b 5S (Sonication in front edge of the stage for the first three rows)
Wings support consisting of 2xd&b E8 (Sonication for block A & C rear rows)
Technical specs loadspeakers Großer Saal (Main Hall)

Sonication Foyererweiterung (Lobby extension)
Sonication along the mobile walls consisting of 7xd&b Yi10P (Useable as a delayline or main PA for the Erweiterung (main hall extension))

Sonication Kleiner Saal(Small Hall)
3 lines, each with 2 Kling & Freitag CA 1001 in our Mero roof
Delay with a Symetrix Matrix 780

Sonication Wintergarten(Wintergarden)
1 linie with 2 Kling & Freitag CA 1001

Sonication conference room Rednitz
1 line with 2 Kling & Freitag CA 205

Miscellaneous speakers
Kling & Freitag M152, , 2 way passiv speaker
Dynacord AM 12, 2 way active speaker
Fohhn FB 4 FX, bassloudspeaker

Audio engineering

Mixing Desks
Yamaha QL5 (Main Hall)
Yamaha TF1 (Small Hall)
Mackie 1642 VLZ4 u.a.

CD / MP3 Player
Omnitronic CMP-2000 (Main Hall)
Denon DN-300C (Small Hall)
Denon DN-4500 MKII (mobil) with CD, USB Stick, Laptop or any other device, which has an audio output is possible.

Tascam SS-R200 (mobil)
Tascam DR-40

Shure Conference one conference system with up to ten stations
Intercom Clearcom MS200B / beltpack RS500, in the main hall at multiple points useable


Sennheiser ew 500 G3 Series as hand microphone with 935 und 965 capsule, as headset HSP 4 EW 3
AKG WMS 470 as hand microphone HT470 condensercapsule, as headset Clockaudio CMH 2000 or as headset HSP 2 EW

Shure SM 57 / 58, Sennheiser MD 421 II, 422, 441 MKH 416, MKH 40 P 48 u.a.

Sennheiser MZH 3042 with ME36 capsule black
Sennheiser MZH 3062nx with ME36nx capsule Nextel grey

Microphone stands
K&M 21070 floor microphone stand, K&M 26085 One hand floor microphone stand, table microphone stands K&M: 23230, 23250, 23105, 234, 23105, K&M 29390 microphone table base

Lighting engineering

Lighting consoles
grandMA ultra-light 1 (Main hall)
LSC Atom (Small hall)
Behringer LC2412 (mobile)

04x Martin MAC 2000 wash/fresenel/superwidthanglelense
02x Robe T1 Profile
02x MAC Encore Performance CLD
12x Stairville mHz 1915
04x ETC Source Four
02x 2KW Arri
02x 2KW Desisti Leonardo
04x 5KW fresnel lens
sundry PAR / PC / fresnel lens build in
2 follow spots Niethammer Unispot MVU 113
1 DMX universe for incandescent light
1 DMX universe for moving light

Flood light(even colored), Mirrorball (diameter 1m), Mirrorball half shell (diameter 40cm), stroboscope 1KW,

Video technology

Barco RLM W12, 11.500 Ansi, WUXGA, DLP, HDMI
Eiki LC XT 4, 12.000 Ansi, XGA, LCD, DVI
Panasonic PT-MZ770, 8.000. Ansi, WUXGA, Laser LCD, HDMI
Eiki WUL 100, 5.000 Ansi, WUXGA, LCD, HDMI
Eiki EK-600U, 6.000 Ansi, WUXGA, DLP, HDMI
Acer H6540BD, 3.500 Ansi, WUXGA, DLP, HDMI
Sanyo DWL 2500 (short distance), 2.500 Ansi, WXGA, DLP, HDMI

Gerriets OPTITRANS rear projection screen 12x7m
Opera front projection screen 11x7m
AV Stumpfl Monoblox32 scale 372x210 FP 16:9 Aufpro
AV Stumpfl Monoblox32 scale 266x150 FP 16:9 Aufpro
AV Stumpfl Monoblox32 scale 218x123 FP 16:9 Aufpro

Roland V-40 HD, HDMI, VGA, Composite
Roland V-1HD, HDMI
HDMI Cat Extender, DVI Cat Extender,
Preview display 55" LG 55UJ630V 4K HDMI
Presenter Logitech r700

Miscellaneous facilities

Miscellaneous platforms 2,20m x 1,10m
height 0,32m 0,64m 0,96m other heights on request

Wlan availability in the whole building, connection 500 Mbit/s download - 50 Mbit/s upload
LAN cabeling with GbE is possible in any area, but on request, IP via DHCP
Room darkening system
Digital infosystem

end faq

HotSpot Icon 100 The Stadthalle offers you a HotSpot with superfast internet connection with up to 50Mbit/s download, 10Mbit/s upload. There are day and week vouchers available.

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